Why we started UNIQMASKS

Why we started UNIQMASKS

Early in the pandemic, there was a very polarized debate on whether face masks would slow the spread of Covid-19.  People and countries who experienced or are aware of SARS would know masks helped, and the social norm in some countries is that wearing a face mask is about being Responsible, not selfish nor against freedom as perceived in other cultures.

Wearing a face mask does not make us invincible, but is a small action we can each take and make everyone else better off.  We can see our friends and family sooner, we can get back to work and school sooner, we can protect each other. Lockdowns and Isolation are to buy time and not sustainable. 

We wanted to do our part - by launching a line of quality, comfortable, stylish reusable masks, more of us can be protected while not being embarrassed, uncomfortable or contribute to more waste, not to mention those without access to medical masks due to supply or price gouging. 

We want you to feel good about "Protect Yourself and Others in Style"!

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