Let's Protect Ourselves while Be Kind to the Environment

Let's Protect Ourselves while Be Kind to the Environment

Hope you are all doing well and enjoying summer.

As we reopen and resume activities, we will return to older routines while creating new ones.

Mask is one of the effective tools to help us protect ourselves while allowing activities to continue - we don't want lockdown again!

Meanwhile - Extreme Heat and Forecast Fires are happening. I hope those in the affected areas are safe, and those who are sensitive to air quality and particles are protected.

Did you know - In 2020

52 BILLION Disposable Masks were produced

1.6 BILLION (est.) ended up in our oceans

5,500 TONS of plastic pollution equivalent

450 YEARS to degrade

disposable mask

We did the right thing protecting ourselves while can do better to protect the environment.

(quoting from the Visual Capitalist article)

Why is this still happening?

I don't know about you but I can't help but frown when I still see this in my neighborhood.

Wear Reusable Mask

We still believe reusable mask is the sustainable solution, for your protection, wallet and the environment.

Whether you are preparing for Return to Work, Return to School or Going out - we have Unique Styles for you!

Check out our UniQmasks collection!

All UniQmasks now come with 2 PM2.5 filters

We designed our masks to be comfortable, well-fitted with the pocket for replaceable filters. If you are getting this email now, chances are you already enjoy the quality, comfort and design.

We are now including 2 replaceable PM2.5 filters with every mask you order.

They are also effective at Filtering the Ash, Dust and Particles caused by the forest fires that are now floating in the air.

Feel free to order more or reorder - Discounts available and Free Shipping in Canada

Help us save the environment while protecting ourselves! 

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