About Creative Bubbles Lab

Creative Bubbles Lab


We are a designer-maker team based in Toronto, with expertise in Fashion and Graphic Design with our own Men's and Women's wear brands. We are proud creators of Loft604 and Little Charberry since 2010.

We launched Socks in a Box in 2018 as a gift idea for friends and family. We had so much fun for ourselves and delighting others that we brought them to holiday fairs, school events and retailers to spread the joy and love.

They are perfect for yourself or as gifts for the ones you are thinking about.  Over the years, we heard so many stories from people who bought or received Socks in a Box as sweet memories.   From the family that got 5 pairs of Reindeers as their holiday theme, the pet store manager that got a whole animal collection for her staff, the Secret Santa gift exchanges and the grandma + mom + baby set of of Polar bears.   

We are grateful to be part of your life celebrations - Keep the stories coming!