What makes Socks In A Box a great Gift?

What makes Socks In A Box a great Gift?

What makes Socks In A Box a great Gift? 

  • Cozy
  • Cute
  • Curious
  • Convenient
  • Can be enjoyed by Everyone
  • Cost to Smile Ratio very low  :)

We asked our customers and fans on how the Socks will "fit" into their holidays and lives. Here are some stories (and we are adding to the list!):

At Home

  • Decorate Christmas Tree for holiday party, surprise gift draw and everyone leaves home with a pair of cozy socks
  • Let your friends and family know you are thinking of them (especially the animal lovers!)
  • Loot bag for Holiday or Birthday Party
  • Family Reading club or Movie night with Cozy Socks on
  • No particular reason - just chilling at home

At School

  • Celebrate the holiday with your BFFs
  • Teacher or Staff appreciation
  • For teachers to recognize students who have worked hard or done well

At Work

  • Secret Santa game (just cover the window, or not)
  • Holiday Gift Exchange (the Nice or the Evil version where stealing is allowed!)
  • Bonus: Also goes well with Ugly Sweater Party (socks mandatory)!
  • Managers can reward the team for a year of hard work. "Relax for the rest of the year!"
  • Thank Customers or Vendors for their business and support this year

Most Importantly

Have you added yourself to the list?

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