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Socks In A Box

Baby Piggie Socks in a Box for Toddlers

Baby Piggie Socks in a Box for Toddlers

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Many parents, grandparents or friends of babies have been asking for Socks in a Box for their really little ones. This year we are happy to introduce a few styles. 

The Piggie socks may not have magical powers or cannot keep your coins, but they will grab all the attention from the kids and adults around you!

The Toddler socks have silicon grabbers at the bottom for anti-slip safety.


Our Toddler Socks Are:

  • Made of Soft, Cozy material (polyester blend with no fur) to keep you warm. 
  • Stretchable and good for toddlers between 1-3 years of age
  • Machine Washable (in cold water)

Great For:

  • Relaxing at Home as reading or cabin sock
  • Dressing up for Holiday / Animal themed Party
  • Keeping your feet warm and cute on tights or leggings
  • Delighting your Family, Friends or Classmates
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