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Magnetic Snap

Magnetic Snap Handsfree magnetic shoelaces

Magnetic Snap Handsfree magnetic shoelaces

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Back by popular demand!

Who enjoys tying shoelaces, especially in the covid environment when you are already washing your hands all the time? 

Let Magnetic Snap hold your laces for you!

Perfect for 

  • Students, Parents, Teachers (save time and touching the dust/bacteria on the velcro)
  • Seniors or those with difficulty bending down or who need help 
  • Anyone who don't enjoy tying shoelaces all the time. 
  • You can now buy more shoe styles with laces without needing to tie them!
  • Sliding in and out of Boots when you have your winter jacket on

To get in: Just push open the two-halves as you slide your foot in, and let the magnets hold your laces in place in a SNAP!

To get out: Lift your foot with a little extra force. Your motion will disengage the magnets and let your foot out.

Setting up Magnetic Snap is Easy: Once and Done!

  1. Remove your shoelaces from your shoes / boots
  2. Loop your shoelaces through the 3 anchor holes on the Magnetic Snap
  3. Put your foot in your shoes / boots as you normally wear them
  4. Adjust the shoelaces to your desired length and tension
  5. Tie end knots at the 3rd holes on each side
  6. Leave the "extra" shoelaces in your shoe or cut them (recommend after wearing for a few days and having made necessary adjustments)

And you never have to touch or tie your shoelaces again! 

The powerful magnets will hold the tension of your laces.

You can also reuse on other shoes or boots.

Shipping is FREE within Canada, and $3 to the USA.

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